dissatisfaction meaning in marathi

Word: dissatisfaction
Meaning of dissatisfaction in english - discontent, unhappiness

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
naaraanuk ( नाराणुक )
Synonyms of dissatisfaction
dismay complaint anxiety displeasure distaste jealousy disquiet disapproval resentment discomfort uneasiness weariness frustration irritation exasperation boredom annoyance worry regret envy distress disinclination chagrin disgruntlement oppression indisposition desolation dislike discouragement heartburn aversion disfavor hopelessness ennui malcontent trouble disrelish querulousness lamentation fretfulness disliking
Antonyms of dissatisfaction
encouragement happiness calmness composure delight satisfaction advantage enthusiasm incentive joy liking contentment assurance approval contentedness sanction ease peace pleasure love comfort kindness cheer
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