distress meaning in marathi

Word: distress
Meaning of distress in english - pain, agony, hardship, adversity, worry, upset

Meanings in marathi :

tras ( त्रस )
traas ( त्रास )
Synonyms of distress
irritation unhappiness shame pang affliction perplexity blues mortification anguish concern heartache dejection cross heartbreak tribulation woe wretchedness desolation headache torture sorrow dolor twinge throe grief embarrassment discomfort disquietude stew trouble care anxiety ordeal visitation suffering trial sadness malaise disappointment misery torment vexation bad news worriment unconsolability disaster privation want need misfortune catastrophe scrape indigence jam bummer vicissitude downer crunch exigency destitution difficulty drag poverty pinch calamity rigor pickle bad luck can of worms hard knocks hot water straits hard time holy mess rotten luck ticklish spot tough break tough luck unholy mess desolate agonize wound strap strain irritate hound depress nag injure sadden harass eat irk pester get needle stress hurt plague aggrieve bug disturb miff peeve bother dog oppress try ail discombobulate harry push weigh rack pick on burn up do a number on get to give a hard time make it tough for nit-pick push buttons tick off
Antonyms of distress
happiness joyfulness aid health relief euphoria gladness contentment calmness delight advantage miracle joyousness comfort help peace cheer ease pleasure blessing good health benefit good luck success abundance plenty luxury wealth boon good fortune wonder appease placate soothe assuage assist mend gladden dissuade hide ignore build cure make happy please leave alone fix support relieve discourage be happy
Identical words :
As adjective :
distressed - vivhal ( विव्हळ )
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