dive meaning in marathi

Word: dive
Meaning of dive in english - descent, usually underwater, dirty, sleazy establishment, descend, usually going underwater

Meanings in marathi :

jhapeti ( झपेटी )
jhep ( झेप )
Synonyms of dive
leap plunge dip duck spring fall dash swoop pitch nosedive belly flop submersion submergence ducking header headlong jump hole hangout bar dump tavern taproom pub lounge joint barroom saloon flophouse honky-tonk beer garden cabaret flea trap night club pool hall drop plummet vault vanish disappear gutter plumb nose-dive
Antonyms of dive
increase ascent rise jump ascend face appear arrive
Identical words :
As noun :
diver - paanibuda ( पाणिबुडा )
diversion - phaank ( फांक )
diversionary - soyechuki ( सोयेचुकी )
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