diversion meaning in marathi

Word: diversion
Meaning of diversion in english - change in a course, path, entertainment, recreation

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
phaank ( फांक )
निराळे वळण
vistaar ( विस्तार )
Synonyms of diversion
deviation departure detour aberration digression divergence alteration variation red herring turning deflection fake out fun pleasure pastime amusement distraction levity play ball picnic enjoyment delectation delight frivolity game gratification relaxation dissipation sport relish hoopla disport high time grins merry-go-round whoopee laughs beguilement divertissement field day
Antonyms of diversion
sameness chore task vocation conformity agreement conforming staying work sadness dissatisfaction sorrow seriousness misery unhappiness
Identical words :
diversionary - soyechuki ( सोयेचुकी )
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