doll meaning in marathi

Word: doll
Meaning of doll in english - toy person, generous person, attractive woman

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
baauulaalilen ( बाउला--ली--लें )
baahuli ( बाहुली )
Synonyms of doll
baby model puppet moppet figure effigy dolly marionette manikin figurine honey sweetheart prince sweetie darling decent person helpful person dish babe angel broad chick bathing beauty beauty queen cover girl sex kitten bunny tomato centerfold peach sexpot fox pin-up cupcake cutie cutie-pie dollface dream girl dreamboat glamour girl good-looking woman hot dish hot number raving beauty
Antonyms of doll
Identical words :
dolls house - gharakulalen ( घरकुल--लें )
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