earth meaning in marathi

Word: earth
Meaning of earth in english - the world, ground, soil

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
maati ( माती )
mritika ( मृतिका )
Synonyms of earth
planet dust globe star universe creation sphere macrocosm cosmos orb terra firma terrene apple vale big blue marble sublunary world terrestrial sphere land dirt terrain shore surface coast mud clay turf gravel clod sod muck compost deposit mold fill sand marl loam subsoil topsoil humus glebe alluvium dry land peat moss
Identical words :
earthen pot - haandora ( हांडोरा )
earthen pot for churning curds - dera ( डेरा )
earthen griddle - bhiden ( भिडें )
earthen pot for storing water or grain - raajanaraanjan ( राजण-रांजण )
earth or mud stuck to the blade of a plough - vosaan ( वोसान )
earthly music - saalaang ( साळांग )
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