embracing meaning in marathi

Word: embracing
Meaning of embracing in english - hold tightly in one's arms, include in one's beliefs, take into account

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
aalangi ( आळंगी )
Synonyms of embracing
grasp nuzzle lock clinch fold wrap fondle cradle cling entwine snuggle grip encircle hug envelop press squeeze clasp enfold seize clutch cuddle grab bear hug take in arms adopt receive welcome accept take advantage of take up have espouse embody incorporate cover comprehend involve admit enclose accommodate contain encompass subsume comprise take on deal with avail oneself of get into go in for make use of
Antonyms of embracing
uncover unwrap release disbelieve distrust exclude reject shun unfasten let go free loose give push away repudiate
Identical words :
embracing different objects - vegalavetaali ( वेगळवेटाळी )
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