empty meaning in marathi

Word: empty
Meaning of empty in english - containing nothing, fruitless, ineffective, hungry, remove contents

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
shuny ( शून्य )
As adjective :
suuny ( सून्य )
Synonyms of empty
dry vacant uninhabited unfilled unoccupied hollow deserted devoid desolate bare blank barren abandoned lacking exhausted forsaken dead wanting depleted deflated waste clear destitute godforsaken stark vacuous vacated despoiled evacuated unfurnished worthless meaningless idle petty silly aimless banal cheap deadpan dishonest dumb expressionless fatuous frivolous futile ignorant inane ineffectual inexpressive insincere insipid jejune nugatory otiose paltry purposeless senseless trivial unintelligent unreal unsatisfactory unsubstantial vain valueless vapid starving famished ravenous unfed drain consume dump unload leak escape purge gut discharge run out drink tap ebb eject expel disgorge decant leave release unburden flow out make void pour out rush out
Antonyms of empty
overflowing aware inhabited filled sufficient animated entire replete satisfied abundant copious fruitful productive full occupied populated busy cherished unused complete sated effective valuable worthwhile meaningful useful raised satiated permit hold keep maintain load occupy take in
Identical words :
empty space - savadi ( सवडी )
empty box the human body - khokha ( खोखा )
empty lot - godari ( गोदरी )
empty talk - tondapiti ( तोंडपिटी )
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