engrossed meaning in marathi

Word: engrossed
Meaning of engrossed in english - preoccupied, attentive to

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
sadant ( सदंत )
lin ( लीन )
Synonyms of engrossed
engaged absorbed gone busy lost immersed hooked intrigued fascinated assiduous deep diligent head over heels hung up industrious intent into rapt sedulous enthralled captivated consumed submerged riveted gripped bugged monopolized all wound up caught up caught up in fiend for heavily into really into taken up with tied up turned on up to here in
Antonyms of engrossed
existing idle inactive bored disinterested inattentive oblivious uncaring uninterested disenthralled ignoring
Identical words :
engrossed in playing by oneself - apachhandamatt ( अपछंदमत्त )
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