essential meaning in marathi

Word: essential
Meaning of essential in english - important, vital, basic, fundamental, necessity, basic

Meanings in marathi :

saara ( सारा )
Synonyms of essential
necessary indispensable crucial needed imperative main leading chief cardinal capital requisite prerequisite principal foremost required wanted constitutive necessitous needful right-hand constitutional elemental underlying key inherent intrinsic absolute prime perfect primitive nitty-gritty material primary ideal cold nub basal complete congenital deep-seated elementary inborn inbred innate meat and potatoes name of the game quintessential connate substratal precondition essence requirement principle must heart substance rudiment guts quintessence stuff groceries bottom line brass tacks nuts and bolts part and parcel sine qua non ABCs fire and ice vital part
Antonyms of essential
inessential unimportant unnecessary needless optional voluntary nonessential trivial auxiliary extra minor subordinate subsidiary atypical secondary inferior accessory learned insignificant extrinsic incidental imperfect acquired flawed wrong cowardice fear
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