eternal meaning in marathi

Word: eternal
Meaning of eternal in english - without pause, endless

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
saasvat ( सास्वत )
Synonyms of eternal
constant immortal infinite abiding boundless permanent everlasting immutable unceasing indestructible never-ending unending enduring unremitting continual interminable perennial perpetual timeless relentless ageless always ceaseless continuous deathless forever immemorial imperishable incessant indefinite persistent unbroken undying uninterrupted amaranthine dateless illimitable perdurable continued termless unfading
Antonyms of eternal
changeable inconstant concluding interrupted ephemeral perishable bounded finite fleeting transient temporary halting intermittent changing ending stopping terminable terminating destructible limited ceasing
Identical words :
eternal company - akhasejaar ( अखसेजार )
eternally liberated - muktasvabhaav ( मुक्तस्वभाव )
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