even so meaning in marathi

Word: even so
Meaning of even so in english - nevertheless, nonetheless, yes, so, OK, right on, roger, uh-huh

Meanings in marathi :

As adverb :
aisaanhi ( ऐसांही )
अशाही स्थितीत
Synonyms of even so
still yet though notwithstanding although but regardless still and all withal after all even though howbeit not the less however good okay amen yea fine affirmative all right aye certainly definitely exactly gladly granted indubitably naturally of course positively precisely sure thing surely undoubtedly unquestionably willingly true beyond a doubt by all means good enough just so most assuredly very well without fail yep anyway in spite of that thus and so forth and so on in such manner in such wise in this degree in this way on this wise to this extent absolutely
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