event meaning in marathi

Word: event
Meaning of event in english - occurrence, happening, effect, result, performance, competition

Meanings in marathi :

maatu ( मातु )
Synonyms of event
affair crisis ceremony story thing holiday development business circumstance incident situation celebration case accident episode appearance experience matter act action occasion fact mishap coincidence juncture exploit pass deed phenomenon misfortune proceeding catastrophe wonder function tide emergency chance adventure milestone phase predicament transaction shift miracle turn calamity marvel triumph mistake conjuncture issue fortuity product termination end eventuality outgrowth happenstance sequel resultant offshoot aftermath consequence upshot outcome conclusion sequent aftereffect causatum end result game tournament bout match contest
Antonyms of event
stoppage cessation idleness inactivity inertia repose denial refusal good luck happiness success expectation stagnation source rest design plan scheme blessing good fortune certainty failure cause commencement beginning opening start
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