excellent meaning in marathi

Word: excellent
Meaning of excellent in english - superior, wonderful

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
susaas ( सुसास )
utkrisht ( उत्कृष्ट )
Synonyms of excellent
sterling superlative great good exemplary exceptional skillful admirable outstanding magnificent superb accomplished first-rate attractive finest distinguished exquisite capital champion choice desirable distinctive estimable first-class high incomparable invaluable meritorious notable noted peerless premium priceless prime select striking supreme tiptop top-notch transcendent A-1 certified choicest piked
Antonyms of excellent
insignificant unknown ignorant unskilled detestable unexceptional unable repulsive failing imperfect second-class unworthy poor bad common ordinary regular inferior ugly crude second-rate unnoteworthy
Identical words :
excellent chariot - raahaavar ( राहावर )
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