exchange meaning in marathi

Word: exchange
Meaning of exchange in english - trade, deal, place where stocks are bought, sold

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
saati ( साटी )
Synonyms of exchange
commerce transaction network transfer swap change shuffle barter interdependence interchange conversion commutation reciprocity revision correspondence traffic substitution shift switch reciprocation truck rearrangement replacement quid pro quo tit for tat dealing shuffling transposing interrelation castling transposition supplanting buying and selling supplantment market stock exchange curb store Wall Street over the counter the Big Board the Street seesaw commute invert alternate reciprocate flip-flop substitute shuttle bandy transpose displace reverse bargain castle revise change hands buy and sell cash in contact with convert into deal in give and take go over to hook up horse trade link up pass to pay back return the compliment swap horses
Antonyms of exchange
stagnation deny refuse remain leave alone keep hold
Identical words :
exchange of blows - haanamaari ( हाणमारि )
exchange of blows or arrows - ghede ( घे-दे )
exchange of words - tudapud ( तुडपुड )
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