excited meaning in marathi

Word: excited
Meaning of excited in english - inspired, upset

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
visanail ( विसणैल )
आवेशात आलेला
Synonyms of excited
nervous enthusiastic delighted eager disturbed agitated passionate hysterical annoyed moved disconcerted inflamed provoked stimulated wired animated charged beside oneself feverish frantic high hot hot and bothered hyperactive jumpy on edge on fire overwrought wild fired up thrilled stirred ruffled discomposed roused awakened aroused piqued tumultous/tumultuous aflame in a tizzy juiced up keyed up steamed up worked up
Antonyms of excited
indifferent apathetic disinterested bored composed laid-back uninspired calm unenthusiastic unexcited easy-going
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