exhausted meaning in marathi

Word: exhausted
Meaning of exhausted in english - extremely tired, used up

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
shinalaabhaagala ( शिणलाभागला )
कष्टी झालेला
Synonyms of exhausted
disabled dead weak drained weakened wearied debilitated beat limp bushed spent worn crippled wasted shot enervated bleary done for done in effete kaput run-down tired out worn out frazzled sapped prostrated all in bone-weary dead tired dog-tired had it outta gas ready to drop out on one's feet depleted dry gone finished bare dissipated void empty washed-out squandered consumed expended all gone
Antonyms of exhausted
animated energetic lively vigorous restored able active firm strong energized invigorated fresh plenty refreshed saved unused unfinished incomplete filled hoarded
Identical words :
exhausted by sexual union - ratisinali ( रतिसिनली )
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