expanding meaning in marathi

Word: expanding
Meaning of expanding in english - extend, augment, go into detail

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
velhaavanen ( वेल्हावणें )
vistaar ( विस्तार )
Synonyms of expanding
bolster widen broaden swell enlarge increase spread develop open grow thicken pyramid lengthen unfurl protract distend magnify dilate stretch prolong unroll pad wax unravel inflate mushroom embellish unfold multiply heighten diffuse amplify bloat hike elaborate burgeon explicate fatten mount aggrandize beef up blow up fill out upsurge piggyback bulk up fan out open out outspread puff up slap on soup up spread out stretch out tack on build up expound expatiate discourse sweeten drag out spell out
Antonyms of expanding
hinder narrow restrict decrease compress lessen hide thin shorten curtail withhold simplify tangle shrivel abridge shrink diminish reduce close halt end stop abbreviate contract deflate fall lower
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