expression meaning in marathi

Word: expression
Meaning of expression in english - verbalization, facial appearance

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
pravaad ( प्रवाद )
As transitive verb :
bolane ( बोलणे )
bhaasha ( भाषा )
Synonyms of expression
definition style word language explanation remark interpretation speech term statement phrase voice enunciation vent elucidation communication narration argument rendition announcement diction assertion idiom emphasis exposition commentary issue speaking articulation voicing pronouncement delivery mention asseveration declaration intonation execution phraseology locution phrasing writ utterance formulation choice of words set phrase turn of phrase look character face aspect smile grin simper visage mien pout smirk mug air cast countenance grimace sneer
Antonyms of expression
silence concealment quiet suppression denial question
Identical words :
expression of indifference to worldly objects - nirvedamantr ( निर्वेदमंत्र )
expression of contempt - phat ( फट )
expression of strength - balasoy ( बळसोय )
expression of affection - vilhal ( वील्हळ )
expression of assent - hũ ( हुं )
expression of consent - hunkaar ( हुंकार )
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