fat meaning in marathi

Word: fat
Meaning of fat in english - overweight, containing an oily substance, productive, rich, overweight, adipose tissue

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
hulamukh ( हुलमुख )
स्थूल अंगाचे
Synonyms of fat
bulky obese inflated bulging hefty large chunky big heavy meaty plump gross bull solid broad lard roly-poly bovine blimp stout swollen husky distended beefy brawny burly corpulent dumpy elephantine fleshy gargantuan ponderous porcine portly pudgy rotund weighty heavyset plumpish thickset butterball jelly-belly oversize paunchy potbellied whalelike fatty greasy unctuous oleaginous fatlike suety lucrative flourishing thriving good lush affluent cushy fertile fruitful profitable prosperous remunerative grease surplus overabundance plethora fatness superfluity tallow corpulence blubber obesity overflow excess surfeit flab
Antonyms of fat
miniature tiny skinny unimportant insignificant slender lean impoverished unproductive small thin slight little soft slim poor failing languishing lack necessity scarcity need
Identical words :
As noun :
fate - praagatn ( प्रागत्न )
father - baap ( बाप )
fatal snake bite - kaaladank ( काळडंक )
fatness - pushti ( पुष्टी )
father as addressed by his child - baaba ( बाबा )
fatigue - sin ( सीन )
father-in-law - saasura ( सासुरा )
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