fellow- meaning in marathi

Word: fellow-

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
sa ( सा )
(साहचर्यवाचक उपपद)
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fellowfemale advisorfemale alligatorfemale asceticfemale attendantfemale baby birdfemale bardfemale bearfemale beauticianfemale cakravāka birdfemale calffemale camelfemale celestial singerfemale citizenfemale cobrafemale companionfemale cookfemale cricketfemale dancerfemale deerfemale demonfemale devotee of the god khaṇḍobāfemale disciplefemale divinityfemale dogfemale doorkeeperfemale elephantfemale fishfemale floristfemale follower of the nātha sect