fickleness meaning in marathi

Word: fickleness
Meaning of fickleness in english - caprice, faithlessness, flightiness, instability, levity, unfaithfulness, insecureness, perfidiousness, perfidy, precariousness, ricketiness, shakiness, traitorousness, treacherousness, unstableness, unsteadiness, unsureness

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
chaanchalen ( चांचलें )
Synonyms of fickleness
whim freak crotchet whimsy fancy peculiarity rib caper humor mood vein inconsistency contrariety jerk quirk perversity impulse gag fad vagary temper kink bee thought notion put on changeableness fitfulness inconstancy fool notion infidelity fraud falseness disbelief dishonesty treason betrayal doubt skepticism treachery giddiness flippancy frivolity dizziness lightness volatility variability changeability whimsicality capriciousness airheadedness mercurialness whimsicalness anxiety vulnerability weakness fluctuation uncertainty insecurity oscillation alternation immaturity vacillation hesitation pliancy disquiet inquietude wavering fluidity irresolution frailty restlessness irregularity disequilibrium unreliability unpredictability mutability transience impermanence unfixedness mirth repartee hilarity festivity jocularity picnic buoyancy triviality pleasantry folly foolishness wit happiness lightheartedness trifling absurdity amusement laughs facetiousness high spirits defection disloyalty apostasy dereliction improbity recreancy bad faith falsity false-heartedness
Antonyms of fickleness
constancy steadfastness normality constant dependability faithfulness loyalty fairness honesty devotion fidelity belief trust seriousness responsibility calm soundness stability balance depression sense gloom gravity certainty sureness ease peace strength
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