fiery meaning in marathi

Word: fiery
Meaning of fiery in english - passionate, on fire

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
jvaali ( ज्वाळी )
जासुदामार्फत आलेला लेखी राजादेश
Synonyms of fiery
excitable red-hot burning vehement impassioned combustible flaming glowing blazing spirited violent heated fierce intense ablaze afire alight choleric enthusiastic febrile fervid feverish flickering flushed hot-tempered impetuous impulsive inflamed irascible irritable madcap peppery precipitate unrestrained conflagrant fevered hot-blooded perfervid aflame agitable flaring hot-headed igneous ignited
Antonyms of fiery
passive apathetic indifferent peaceful impassive subdued calm cold cool unexcited dull unhappy mild moderate gentle
Identical words :
fiery poison - vikhaagni ( विखाग्नि )
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