fire meaning in marathi

Word: fire
Meaning of fire in english - burning, barrage of projectiles, animation, vigor, cause to burn, detonate or throw a weapon, excite, arouse, dismiss from responsibility

Meanings in marathi :

vistu ( विस्तु )
Synonyms of fire
inferno heat blaze bonfire embers combustion scorching devouring searing luminosity warmth conflagration glow hearth holocaust element tinder flare pyre scintillation hot spot phlogiston sparks campfire incandescence oxidation charring flames coals flame and smoke rapid oxidation sea of flames up in smoke bombardment attack explosion bombing salvo cannonade hail fusillade volley round shelling crossfire sniping cannonading bombarding light force radiance eagerness intensity energy ginger gusto dash zing brio zip pep liveliness sparkle passion fervor snap enthusiasm heartiness luster life ardor punch fervency vim spirit zeal verve drive excitement exhilaration splendor élan virtuosity impetuosity starch vivacity red heat white heat calenture ignite kindle enkindle put a match to set ablaze set aflame set alight set fire to set on fire start a fire touch off shoot explode discharge hurl launch eject fling toss loose cast pitch heave let off pull trigger set off inspire inflame enliven intensify incite inspirit quicken irritate exalt inform galvanize electrify heighten animate provoke stir thrill impassion intoxicate enthuse oust expel drop terminate sack ax boot kick out lay off pink slip give marching orders give one notice give pink slip give the sack hand walking papers let one go
Antonyms of fire
apathy lethargy dullness spiritlessness inactivity laziness idleness lifelessness calm calmness indifference coolness coldness discouragement unenthusiasm hire extinguish put out bore hold keep dissuade soothe slow weaken deter retard delight please depress
Identical words :
As noun :
firebrand - koliti ( कोलिती )
firefly - dhundhur ( धुंधुर )
firewood - bhitali ( भीतळी )
fireplace - sagadi ( सगडी )
fire pit - khaai ( खाइ )
fire pit made of bricks - agnishtakaaagnishtika ( अग्निष्टका-अग्निष्टिका )
fire stick used to light a sacrificial fire - arani ( अरणी )
firepit - aagitha ( आगिठा )
firebrand of the sudarśana disk - kolati ( कोलती )
fire fueled with dried cow dung - jagaren ( जगरें )
fire coming out of the mouth - mukhaanal ( मुखानळ )
fire like a bolt of lightning - vajraagni ( वज्राग्नि )
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