forlorn meaning in marathi

Word: forlorn
Meaning of forlorn in english - hopeless, inconsolable

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
koinaathilen ( कोइनाथिलें )
ज्याला दुसरे कोणी नाही असे
Synonyms of forlorn
lonely pathetic depressed oppressed despondent deserted desolate desperate miserable helpless destitute pitiful abandoned alone bereft blue cheerless cynical defenseless despairing destroyed disconsolate dragging forgotten forsaken friendless fruitless futile godforsaken homeless lonesome lost pessimistic solitary tragic unhappy vain woebegone wretched comfortless pitiable down and out in the dumps
Antonyms of forlorn
cheerful worthwhile satisfied elated wealthy joyful pleased happy prosperous rich hopeful populated secure comforted
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