formidable meaning in marathi

Word: formidable
Meaning of formidable in english - horrible, terrifying, difficult, overwhelming

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
durghasht ( दुर्घष्ट )
kathin ( कठिण )
Synonyms of formidable
dreadful intimidating imposing dangerous impregnable terrific menacing dire fierce appalling awful fearful frightful redoubtable shocking terrible threatening horrific daunting dismaying great tough impressive tremendous arduous awesome powerful onerous colossal hard indomitable labored laborious mammoth mighty murder overpowering rough staggering strenuous toilsome uphill effortful puissant challenging all-powerful ballbuster rough go tall order
Antonyms of formidable
trivial unimportant feeble friendly harmless pleasant powerless poor calm unthreatening nice weak easy not hard insignificant facile ineffective little
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