four meaning in marathi

Word: four
Meaning of four in english - having four of something

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
chaũ ( चौं )
chaar ( चार )
Synonyms of four
quadruplicate quadruple tetrad quaternary quadrigeminal quadripartite quadrivial quaternate quartette tetralogy quaternity quadrivium quadruplet quaternion quadrumvirate quadruplets
Identical words :
four-sided - chaturadhi ( चतुरधि )
four kinds of gifts given by god - chaturvidh daan ( चतुर्विध दान )
four types of living beings - chaturvidh bhuutagraam ( चतुर्विध भूतग्राम )
four times - chaugun ( चौगुण )
four persons - chaugh ( चौघ )
fourteen - chauda ( चौदा )
four kinds of rolls of the dice in backgammon - chaudaani ( चौदानी )
four-stringed garland - chausar ( चौसर )
four side dishes or condiments that add flavour to the tasteless food obtained by begging - saadhanachatushtay ( साधनचतुष्टय )
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