happiness meaning in marathi

Word: happiness
Meaning of happiness in english - high spirits, satisfaction

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
sush ( सुष )
sukh ( सुख )
Synonyms of happiness
prosperity peace of mind contentment enjoyment glee optimism euphoria delight elation exhilaration well-being pleasure laughter jubilation bliss gladness sanctity joviality cheerfulness playfulness beatitude delectation exuberance paradise lightheartedness hilarity rejoicing enchantment felicity mirth geniality merriment ecstasy gaiety delirium blessedness good humor seventh heaven hopefulness vivacity cheeriness good cheer
Antonyms of happiness
displeasure dissatisfaction sadness sorrow woe despair melancholy upset worry misery unhappiness discouragement gloom depression pain
Identical words :
happiness and religious merit - sukhashray ( सुखश्रय )
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