in addition meaning in marathi

Word: in addition
Meaning of in addition in english - extra, further, likewise, more, moreover, too, else, similarly

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
tatraapi ( तत्रापि )
Synonyms of in addition
supplementary added ancillary additional unnecessary extraneous unused extraordinary fresh supplemental new leftover other special auxiliary gravy supernumerary needless perk lagniappe button inessential tip ice surplus spare fuss reserve another beyond optional redundant superfluous unneeded gingerbread in reserve in store one more over and above farther also yet then again besides distant yonder as well as on top of to boot what's more additionally along furthermore correspondingly in like manner in the same way withal higher major extended increased innumerable numerous bounteous larger aggrandized amassed augmented deeper enhanced exceeding expanded heavier more than that too many wider better longer along with by the same token what is more into the bargain alike thus equivalently
Antonyms of in addition
needed used commonplace usual worn basic elementary fundamental necessary normal ordinary old main essential integral contrariwise opposing opposite reverse less fewer little
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