in order meaning in marathi

Word: in order
Meaning of in order in english - calm, chronological, consecutive, fixed, okay, ordered, orderly, prepared, ready, regular, straight, usable, systematically, up, in turn, sequent, successional, utilizable

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
anukarmen ( अनुकर्में )
Synonyms of in order
serene slow smooth soothing mild harmonious placid tranquil low-key cool pastoral bucolic hushed pacific halcyon still bland breathless inactive motionless quiescent restful rural undisturbed unruffled breezeless reposing at a standstill at peace reposeful stormless waveless windless sequential historical classified dated progressive temporal chronographic chronometric chronometrical chronoscopic horological horometrical in due course in due time in sequence junctural order archival tabulated ensuing successive after connected constant continuing continuous following increasing later running serial understandable uninterrupted going on numerical one after another serialized seriate seriatim succedent succeeding mended rebuilt whole refitted sorted back together in working order put right all right permitted good OK fair approved middling fine correct accurate adequate convenient passable so-so surely tolerable not bad controlled organized tidy businesslike methodical neat peaceable precise shipshape well-behaved arranged disciplined systematized all together in good shape law-abiding well-organized scientific thorough regulated formal trim slick clean uniform alike careful conventional exact framed spick-and-span in apple-pie order in shape neat as button neat as pin set-up to rights uncluttered inclined willing qualified planned adapted processed stacked primed disposed wired predisposed minded available handy on guard put up groomed adjusted rigged rehearsed all bases covered all set all systems go gaffed in readiness of a mind prepped psyched-up sewed-up up on accessible ripe completed near equipped at hand expectant on call on tap on the brink waiting anticipating at beck and call at fingertips at the ready champing at bit close to hand equal to fixed for in line in place in position in the saddle on hand open to standardized efficient steady periodic routine even flat probable level invariable rational automatic consonant accordant congruous dependable established expected measured mechanical momentary punctual recurrent rhythmic stated symmetrical cyclic alternating patterned put to rights profitable useful expendable functional valuable applicable unused adaptable valid serviceable practical advantageous beneficial exhaustible helpful instrumental operative practicable subservient employable exploitable at disposal consumable utile wieldy regularly consistently methodically consecutively successively
Antonyms of in order
agitated excited nervous fierce frenzied stormy angry excitable worried rough uncool harsh violent turbulent wild furious mad passionate roused ruffled discontinuous infrequent intermittent interrupted broken unconsecutive changeable impermanent unsteady indefinite irresolute variable unfixed in disrepair unestablished refused unsuitable cloudy incorrect intolerable unacceptable unsatisfactory bad dark rainy wrong disorganized chaotic sloppy slovenly changing inconsistent complicated unsystematic untidy unruly disorderly confused unmethodical misbehaving unable unwilling disinclined ignorant neglectful unprepared unready incapable unskilled immature unavailable uneducated bare unfurnished slow unripe untrained unstable untrustworthy uneven unfair disordered abnormal anomalous eccentric extraordinary unusual irregular weak different rare uncommon imbalanced curved indirect dishonest unjust diluted mixed unconventional twisted corrupt untraditional useless worthless inappropriate unprofitable unadaptable unserviceable unusable down continuing current valid
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