in place meaning in marathi

Word: in place
Meaning of in place in english - employed, engaged, ready, jobholding

Meanings in marathi :

As adverb :
thaayethaauuthaayethaay ( ठायेठाउ-ठायेठाय )
जागच्या जागीं
Synonyms of in place
occupied hired busy selected operating signed active on duty inked laboring at it at work in a job in collar in harness on board on the job on the payroll plugging away preoccupied working involved engrossed interested absorbed committed doing immersed performing pursuing deep intent rapt unavailable practicing connected with dealing in in use tied up wrapped up accessible qualified ripe handy set fit completed organized primed near wired equipped covered at hand convenient expectant on call on tap on the brink adjusted arranged waiting anticipating all set all systems go at beck and call at fingertips at the ready champing at bit close to hand equal to fixed for in line in order in position in readiness in the saddle on hand open to
Antonyms of in place
idle inactive unemployed unengaged unoccupied bored disinterested uninterested available uninvolved disengaged inoperable not working incapable unskilled immature unavailable unprepared unsuitable disinclined unwilling uneducated bare unfurnished slow unready unripe
Identical words :
in place of - hoten ( होतें )
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