in reality meaning in marathi

Word: in reality
Meaning of in reality in english - actually, quite, really, substantially, truly, de facto, genuinely, verily

Meanings in marathi :

As adverb :
paramaarthuto ( परमार्थुतो )
खऱ्या अर्थाने
Synonyms of in reality
absolutely indeed very literally as a matter of fact in fact in point of fact in truth veritably largely fully thoroughly utterly altogether entirely perfectly totally wholly all told considerably just positively precisely purely well all in all in all respects in toto without reservation easily certainly unquestionably surely honestly undoubtedly assuredly in effect indubitably of course legitimately admittedly authentically beyond doubt categorically for real in actuality no ifs ands or buts nothing else but unmistakably essentially heavily extensively materially mainly much in essence in substance in the main rightly sincerely exactly definitely accurately constantly correctly faithfully firmly honorably loyally reliably steadily truthfully beyond question confirmedly devotedly factually righteously staunchly unequivocally veraciously with devotion without a doubt with all one's heart existing from fact fairly
Antonyms of in reality
partially incompletely partly inadequately doubtfully indefinite dubiously questionably slightly
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