in the course of time meaning in marathi

Word: in the course of time
Meaning of in the course of time in english - future, hereafter, yet

Meanings in marathi :

As adverb :
kaalenkaruuni ( काळेंकरूनि )
Synonyms of in the course of time
prospective eventual subsequent planned imminent forthcoming impending ultimate unfolding inevitable approaching final booked destined fated later likely near next ulterior unborn scheduled up budgeted close at hand coming up down the line down the pike down the road from here in from here on from here to eternity from now on in in the cards in the offing just around the corner looked toward to be eventually hence henceforth ultimately after this henceforward hereupon in the future someday finally still sometime sooner or later after a while at some future time beyond this
Antonyms of in the course of time
later past distant
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