in yogic physiology a particular place in the body meaning in marathi

Word: in yogic physiology a particular place in the body

Meanings in marathi :

bhavãragumpha ( भवंरगुंफा )
योगशास्त्रातील एक शारीर स्थान
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in yogic physiology a passage for kuṇḍalinī in the brainin yogic physiology a place above the agni-cakrain yogic physiology a plexus in the region of the throatin yogic physiology lunar nectar located in the foreheadin yogic physiology one of the ten winds in the bodyin yogic physiology one of three and a half centres or bases in the bodyin yogic physiology the cakra called mūlādhārain yogic physiology the kuṇḍalinī seen as located between the iḍā and the piṅgaḷāininactivityinanimateinarticulateinattentiveinattentivelyinaugurationinauspicious astrological periodinauspicious dayinauspiciousinbornincantationincapable of bringing about liberationincarnateincarnation of a part of godincarnation of god who sees everything from caitanya to the world of matterincarnationincense burnerincense potincenseincessant rainfallincident