inhalation meaning in marathi

Word: inhalation
Meaning of inhalation in english - absorption, breath, drag, whiff, assimilation, respiration

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
churak ( चुरक )
श्वास हळूहळू आत घेण्याची क्रिया
Synonyms of inhalation
intake digestion consumption saturation penetration retention fusion ingestion osmosis reception exhaustion imbibing impregnation suction drinking in soaking up taking in gasp breathing pant gulp exhalation expiration wheeze animation inspiration eupnea insufflation pull draw smoke hint fume odor aroma puff scent trifle snuff sniff trace gust waft dash smack shade blast soupçon flatus draught catabolism anabolism metabolism
Antonyms of inhalation
boredom distraction
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