initiate meaning in marathi

Word: initiate
Meaning of initiate in english - start, introduce, teach

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
upadesiya ( उपदेसीया )
मंत्रोपदेश घेतलेला
विशिष्ट मार्गाचा अनुयायी
Synonyms of initiate
begin launch institute set up take up trigger inaugurate open commence invest originate pioneer admit install enter induct break the ice come out with come up with dream up make up take in instate get ball rolling get feet wet get under way kick off set in motion usher in familiarize coach edify indoctrinate brief inform instruct train
Antonyms of initiate
complete cease block reject terminate ignore conclude end finish stop halt close expel neglect hide learn
Identical words :
initiated - anusarala ( अनुसरला )
initiated brāhmaṇa - dikhit ( दीखित )
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