inner meaning in marathi

Word: inner
Meaning of inner in english - central, middle physically, mental, private

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
bhitaril ( भीतरील )
Synonyms of inner
close constitutional essential familiar focal inherent inside interior internal intestinal intimate intrinsic inward innermore nuclear concealed deep-rooted deep-seated emotional esoteric gut hidden individual innate intuitive personal psychological secret spiritual subconscious visceral repressed unrevealed
Antonyms of inner
exterior external outer outside
Identical words :
inner thoughts - abhyaantar ( अभ्यांतर )
inner leaf of a plant - garbhapatr ( गर्भपत्र )
inner layer or fold - garbhaput ( गर्भपुट )
inner courtyard in a house - chauki ( चौकी )
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