inspiration meaning in marathi

Word: inspiration
Meaning of inspiration in english - idea, stimulus

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
sphuraan ( स्फुराण )
Synonyms of inspiration
motivation revelation insight influence encouragement genius incentive enthusiasm vision whim brainchild hunch fancy motive awakening illumination flash creativity stimulation approach brainstorm elevation exaltation muse rumble animus impulse spark spur thought notion afflatus arousal deep think
Antonyms of inspiration
reality hindrance discouragement truth
Identical words :
inspiration to compose poetry - saarasvat mantr ( सारस्वत मंत्र )
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inspiring to poetsinstantaneouslyinstantly upon seeinginstantlyinstead ofinstigator of quarrels within a familyinstinctual desireinstitutioninstruction or initiation given by the guruinstructioninstructionsinstrument for producing soundsinstrumental or efficient causeinstrumentalityinsufficientinsultinsultedinsulting languageintegratedintellectintellectual dullnessintellectual equipmentintelligenceintelligent clever person but ṭipaṇaintelligentintense affectionintense desireintense display of a poetical sentimentintense effortintense emotion