insult meaning in marathi

Word: insult
Meaning of insult in english - hateful communication, abuse, offend

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
nistej ( निस्तेज )
Synonyms of insult
shame disgrace affront slight blasphemy taunt indignity invective slap disrespect put-down slander snub libel outrage scorn contempt obloquy scurrility ignominy impertinence mockery incivility aspersion discourtesy contumely derision insolence slam superciliousness rudeness offense opprobrium despite impudence vituperation vilification black eye disdainfulness cheap shot slap in the face unpleasantry annoy curse ridicule irritate provoke humiliate gird deride abase disoblige debase injure dishonor vex underestimate pan scoff flout aggravate degrade sneer blister revile tease jeer roast put down cut to the quick dump on
Antonyms of insult
compliment praise reverence flattery delight humility happiness honor respect esteem regard approval politeness kindness aid soothe upgrade improve assist appease mollify make happy please tell truth elevate
Identical words :
insulted - khosen ( खोसें )
insulting language - tũkaranen ( तुं-करणें )
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