intelligent meaning in marathi

Word: intelligent
Meaning of intelligent in english - very smart

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
medhaavi ( मेधावी )
Synonyms of intelligent
imaginative inventive wise brilliant knowledgeable resourceful creative bright perceptive rational brainy well-informed original astute acute alert alive apt calculating capable clever deep discerning enlightened exceptional highbrow ingenious instructed keen knowing penetrating perspicacious profound quick quick-witted ready reasonable responsible sage sharp thinking together understanding whiz witty all there
Antonyms of intelligent
uncreative unimaginative uninventive ignorant stupid unintelligent typical unaware uneducated worn foolish idiotic imbecile dull unreasonable dark normal old
Identical words :
intelligent clever person but ṭipaṇa - buddhimant ( बुद्धिमंत )
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