leaf meaning in marathi

Word: leaf
Meaning of leaf in english - green foliage of plant, page of document, flip through

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
patr ( पत्र )
झाडाचे पान
Synonyms of leaf
needle stalk scale blade leaflet flag pad frond petal bract stipule petiole foliole sheet paper scan browse skim riffle glance dip into run through
Identical words :
leafy vegetable - maath ( माठ )
leaf vegetable - taakavat ( ताकवत )
leaf vegetable cooked in buttermilk but ko watery buttermilk - taakapaatasen ( ताकपातसें )
leaf of the tulasī plant - tulasipaan ( तुळसीपान )
leaf cup - dona ( दोना )
leaf-shaped design made with sandalwood paste - patraveli ( पत्रवेली )
leaf plate - saatra ( सात्रा )
leaf dish - paatali ( पातळी )
leaf of a tree - van ( वन )
leaf stone etc - paanakhad ( पानखड )
leaf vagetable - bhaajipaan ( भाजीपान )
leaf used as a plate - raanataat ( रानताट )
leaf of the kevaḍā plant - haata ( हाता )
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