long meaning in marathi

Word: long
Meaning of long in english - extended in space or time, interminable, excessive in length, desire, crave

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
dighiya ( दीघीया )
dirgh ( दीर्घ )
Synonyms of long
lengthy protracted great deep high tall stretch prolonged elongate elongated running enduring towering sustained enlarged lingering lasting distant extensive far-reaching faraway gangling lanky lofty rangy remote stringy far-off expanded stretching lengthened stretched continued drawn out longish outstretched spread out spun out late slow delayed dragging diffuse boundless dilatory limitless long-winded prolix tardy unending verbose wordy drawn-out long-drawn-out overlong diffusive for ages forever and a day without end yearn aim itch hunger wish covet pine hanker lust thirst want sigh aspire ache miss suspire dream of have a yen for
Antonyms of long
unimportant ignorant ephemeral evanescent fleeting little short small weak soft low abbreviated abridged on time dislike hate
Identical words :
As noun :
longing - lobhalepan ( लोभलेपण )
long stay at one place - avasthaan ( अवस्थान )
long after sunset - avel ( अवेळ )
long line of clouds - kaadambini ( कादंबिनी )
longwinded story - rematakaahaani ( रेमटकाहाणी )
long trunk shaped like a stick - shundaadand ( शुंडादंड )
long-lived - sataanik ( सतानीक )
long thin branch of a tree - selaatiselaanti ( सेलाटी-सेलांटी )
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