meaningfulness meaning in marathi

Word: meaningfulness
Meaning of meaningfulness in english - eloquence, worth

Meanings in marathi :

sabijata ( सबीजता )
नवनिर्मितीची क्षमता
Synonyms of meaningfulness
vigor poise expressiveness wit passion fervor fluency force facility loquacity style oratory diction oration appeal ability power articulation persuasiveness delivery spirit grandiloquence rhetoric flow forcefulness expression dramatic gift of gab expressivity volubility vivacity wittiness command of language mellifluousness account valuation price rate credit benefit cost aid quality help weight merit usefulness goodness utility avail assistance equivalence mark note significance caliber importance moment virtue class dignity excellence stature consequence perfection desirability
Antonyms of meaningfulness
weakness incompetence inability impotence dullness inarticulateness hindrance hurt injury evil insignificance imperfection worthlessness stop triviality unimportance
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