measure meaning in marathi

Word: measure
Meaning of measure in english - portion, scope, standard, rule, preventive or institutive action, bill, law, beat, rhythm, calculate, judge

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
maap ( माप )
मोजण्याचे प्रमाण
Synonyms of measure
part quota breadth shot weight share height quantum frequency pitch duration size depth amplification capacity area fix proportion amount mensuration hit degree reach volume bang strength extent span nip slug distance bulk range magnitude mass allotment amplitude sum allowance dimension quantity admeasurement meed admensuration test method system model scale pattern benchmark meter trial criterion touchstone gauge yardstick canon type example norm control means move project step limit proposal effort procedure maneuver limitation stopgap proceeding resort shift agency expedient course moderation proposition restraint device resource deed makeshift strategem bounds statute resolution enactment division stress tempo vibration throb accent swing rhyme verse cadency stroke tune time melody cadence peg compute survey fit evaluate average rank assess adjust determine quantify estimate regulate check square figure grade value eye plumb graduate choose adapt reckon tailor line sound delimit level align shade demarcate blend appraise check out calibrate caliper gradate dope out look over mark out pace off size up
Antonyms of measure
whole extreme ignorance inaction unimportance guess idleness inactivity cessation inertia repose stoppage rest freedom permanent wildness ignore disorder disorganize estimate neglect divide
Identical words :
As adjective :
measured - mital ( मितल )
measure of volume equal to eight pāyalīs - kudav ( कुडव )
measure of volume equal to eight pāyaḷīs - kudau ( कुडौ )
measure of length about 1 metre - gaj ( गज )
measure of weight - ser ( सेर )
measure of time 24 minutes - ghadi ( घडी )
measure of grain - chauth ( चौथ )
measure of land - haat ( हाट )
measure of grain equal to 4 pāïlīs - chobha ( चोभा )
measure of land 20 rods - nivartananivarttanani varttan ( निवर्तन-निवर्त्तण-निवर्त्तन )
measure of weight equal to four karṣas - pala ( पला )
measure of grain equal to four seers - pa ( पा )
measure of distance - paand ( पांड )
measure of volume equal to four seers - paaili ( पाइली )
measure of time - paanavalen ( पानवळें )
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