minister meaning in marathi

Word: minister
Meaning of minister in english - person in charge of church, person high in government, help, serve

Meanings in marathi :

sahani ( सहणि )
Synonyms of minister
bishop pastor vicar confessor curate preacher abbot rector dean divine ecclesiastic chaplain prelate lecturer shepherd cleric clerk missionary monk deacon priest parson clergy clergyperson clerical archdeacon archbishop reverend diocesan pulpiteer diplomat executive official envoy administrator aide delegate secretary ambassador plenipotentiary assistant consul premier agent lieutenant liaison prime minister officeholder cabinet member pander foster attend doctor heal accommodate remedy succor treat answer nurse cure administer do for wait on be solicitous of cater to pander to take care of
Antonyms of minister
deny refuse ignore harm injure block frustrate hinder impede obstruct neglect
Identical words :
ministers robe - pradhaanavat ( प्रधानवट )
minister of war and peace - mahaasaandhivigrahi ( महासांधिविग्रही )
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