miser meaning in marathi

Word: miser
Meaning of miser in english - person who hoards money, possessions

Meanings in marathi :

sanchak ( संचक )
Synonyms of miser
stiff tightwad harpy Scrooge churl cheapskate hoarder moneygrubber penny-pincher pinchfist
Antonyms of miser
spendthrift waster wastrel
Identical words :
As noun :
misery - sochyata ( सोच्यता )
miserliness - nidaarapan ( निदारपण )
As adjective :
miserable - sochy ( सोच्य )
miserly - kadary ( कंदर्य )
miserable condition - dain ( दैन )
miserable state - avakala ( अवकळा )
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