mortar meaning in marathi

Word: mortar
Meaning of mortar in english - cannon, cement, gun, plaster

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
khal ( खल )
चूर्ण करण्याचे पात्र
khaali ( खाली )
Synonyms of mortar
ordnance howitzer Big Bertha Long Tom heavy artillery adhesive mud size gum concrete binder bond solder glue paste mucilage sand gunk tar birdlime sealant putty lute epoxy grout rubber cement stickum join unite weld merge fuse combine connect fasten cohere blend stick together piece rifle pistol musket rod difference shotgun revolver hardware handgun equalizer Uzi persuader blaster magnum flintlock forty-five Saturday-night special peashooter thirty-eight coat binding dressing stucco gypsum
Antonyms of mortar
loosen release disconnect detach divide separate unfasten part open
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