moth meaning in marathi

Word: moth
Meaning of moth in english - insect, caterpillar

Meanings in marathi :

patang ( पतंग )
दिव्यावर झेप घेणारा किडा
Synonyms of moth
tick vermin pest mite bee fly louse arachnid butterfly gnat dragonfly grasshopper spider cockroach termite ant mosquito beetle flea fruit fly aphid ladybug cootie bumblebee bedbug arthropod hornet daddy longlegs praying mantis yellowjacket canker tractor larva
Identical words :
As noun :
mother - maaya ( माया )
mother and her daughter - maaedhuva ( माएधुवा )
mother-of-pearl - sukti ( सुक्ति )
mother and her son - maayapuut ( मायपूत )
mother and sister in one - maayabahini ( मायबहिणी )
mother and father - maayabaap ( मायबाप )
mother-in-law - saasu ( सासु )
mother sītā - sitaamb ( सीतांब )
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