mountain meaning in marathi

Word: mountain
Meaning of mountain in english - very large hill

Meanings in marathi :

dongar ( डोंगर )
Synonyms of mountain
ridge elevation pile peak bluff cliff pyramid height eminence alp hump precipice glob drift dome heap mesa stack bank abundance pike mount shock palisade range mass mound sierra volcano tor crag ton
Antonyms of mountain
crevasse valley unimportance
Identical words :
As noun :
mountain range - kulaachal ( कुळाचळ )
mountain over which the sun rises - udechal ( उदेचळ )
mountain cave - girikapaat ( गिरिकपाट )
mountain precipice - ghaata ( घाटा )
mountainous region - daangaana ( दांगाणा )
mountain used as a churning rod - manthaachal ( मंथाचळ )
mountain peak - sulaagiri ( सुळागिरी )
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