much meaning in marathi

Word: much
Meaning of much in english - plenty, greatly, a lot, a great deal

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
sasht ( सष्ट )
Synonyms of much
enough full scads abundant adequate ample complete considerable copious countless endless everywhere extravagant galore generous immeasurable lavish many plentiful profuse satisfying sizable substantial sufficient voluminous plenteous heaps loads a lot of jam-packed lotsa mega mucho no end very many regularly considerably often indeed exceptionally highly frequently extremely again and again decidedly eminently exceedingly notably repeatedly hugely over and over surpassingly time and time again breadth plethora superabundance fullness copiousness mountain completeness wealth profuseness overage superfluity pile sufficiency exuberance oversupply mess lump volume excess peck barrel oodles multiplicity riches mass amplitude tons plentifulness thousands gobs all kinds of appreciable amount great quantity
Antonyms of much
little infrequently rarely seldom lack scarcity poverty insufficiency dearth deficiency need want
Identical words :
much later - vaadavelaan ( वाडवेळां )
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